O U R  M I S S I O N 

To connect people to their natural beauty, cultivating a sense of strength and FREEDOM.

To provide resources, products and a community for you to live your best life - free of toxins, judgement and stereotypes.


O U R  P H I L O S O P H Y

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge, connection to self and physical space to let go of the pressures of society, the ugliness of stereotypes and the weight of judgement and uncover the strength and beauty that lies within all of us. We are committed to providing the highest-quality health and beauty products, free of toxins so you can fully live in your truth and freely embrace your beauty in the most authentic and holistic way.

W H O  W E  A R E

Just a duo of black women who happen to believe that the pursuit of health, happiness and wholeness starts with taking care of ourselves first.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence it's self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare." -- Audre Lorde